About me

International fashion and glamour photographer

Based in Amsterdam the Netherlands

Freelance photographer for BaroQco Haute Couture Jewelry and part of Baroqcoworld events.

Owner Pro-Fotoshoot studio

Co-owner Diversity Model Agency VOF

Board member Diversity Fashion Week foundation


January 2020

  • Alta Roma Fashion Week
  • Streets of Rome fashion shoot for BaroQco and Bjorn Kersten
  • Paris Fashion Week

December 2019

  • Finals World Top Model International in Monte Carlo
  • Monte Carlo Fashion shoot for Leo Almodal and BaroQco

October 2019

  • Le Mans Fashion Week, Photographer and representative for BaroQco
  • Le Mans Fashion shoot at the Le Mans circuit
  • MTY Charity dinner and fashion show Amsterdam

September 2019

  • Promo shoot for Miss Grand Netherlands
  • Miss Amsterdam

August 2019

  • Antwerpen The Diversity Walk
  • Fashion shoot Antwerpen for Ernia Santawie

July 2019

  • Fashion shoot at the NDSM for D1RT
  • Paris Fashion Week

May 2019

  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Miss Cannes Film festival
  • Fashion shoot at the beach of Cannes for Elba and BaroQco
  • Fashion shoot Villa in Cannes for BaroQco
  • Diversity Fashion Week